Things to do

There’s a wonderful array of activities to experience and places to explore right from our doorstep and in the surrounding area. Read on to find out more:

Experience nature:

We are lucky enough to have a rich diversity of wildlife that can be seen right from the comfort of your sun lounger:

  • Red Deer, Fallow Deer
  • Wild Boar
  • Buzzards, Kites, Peregrines
  • Hoopoe, Swallows, Swifts, House Martens – too many others to mention!
  • Red Squirrels

Walking and cycling

  • We have hundreds of kilometres of green lanes on our doorstep, which you can enjoy on foot or on wheels!
  • The roads in our area are perfect for road cycling – well surfaced, courteous drivers, endless possibilities. Please bear in mind this is a hilly area, so it may not be suitable for you if you do not like to climb!
  • Last year the Tour de France came through Montignac!
  • We have extensive knowledge of the best local cycling routes – our son is an avid rider and is happy to share his local knowledge with you.
Taking a well earned break after a long ride

Explore the green lanes:

  • on foot
  • mountain bike
  • motocross / enduro bikes
  • 4×4’s
Our son Sam, our friend Tommy and Russ out exploring the local green lanes

We are often asked what the legal situation is for green lane & trail riding in France – here is an outline of the rules and regulations and some information on how to explore the trails in our area.

“With the exception of the 7 national parks (Zone Centrale) you can ride any lane or track, wide enough for a car, that does not display a no entry sign”

Codever is the organisation which protects the interests of all users of green lanes, apart from ramblers and hunters who have their own organisations. If you join Codever they will send you a useful booklet which explains where you can legally ride.


Nearby towns, villages and markets

You are spoilt for choice, with many charming villages and towns within easy reach of the site. They are full of history and life, you can spend many happy hours exploring and soaking up their sights, sounds and of course tastes! Heading to one of the regular markets is a must-do activity for seeing the towns at their best, whilst stocking up on the freshest local produce.

During the summer lots of towns also have nocturnal markets (marche nocturne). These are fun evenings out and great value, with food, live music, and large sharing tables so you can make new friends. A highly recommended way to immerse yourself in the best of local French culture. Bring your own plates and cutlery, and enjoy a unique al fresco evening.

Local people always appreciate it if you try to speak French, even if it’s a bit rusty. However, as this is a well-visited part of France, most people do speak good English and you can often find menus and information signs etc in multiple languages – especially in the main tourist towns.

Montignac on the Vézère
  • Montignac – our beautiful local town on the river Vézère
    is most famous for being home to the world-famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Lascaux Caves. The town itself is well-worth a visit too, perfect for a casual stroll through its medieval streets, with lots of great dining and shopping options.
    • Market days – Saturday & Wednesday
    • Marche nocturne – Monday
Sarlat on market day
  • Sarlat – the most famous town in the region, and the most visited. Rightly so – don’t miss it! It’s a magical medieval town with a fabulous market.
    • Market days are Saturday and Wednesday
  • Domme – along with the above two villages, Domme is also officially one of France’s most beautiful villages. It’s also home to a fascinating cave system that you can visit.
  • Saint Amand de Coly & Saint-Léon-sur-Vézère – officially designated as two of the prettiest villages in France. You can walk to Saint Amand de Coly in around 30 minutes from the site along the green lanes. It’s likely you won’t even see another person on the way!

Places to visit nearby

  • Lascaux Caves –
  • There are many beautiful gardens nearby, some our favourites are:
    • Marquessac;
    • Les Clos des Sources at Vitrac; and
    • Jardins d’Eryignac
  • Chateaux in the area, too many to list them all! Our favourites include:
    • Chateau de Losse
    • Chateau de Castelnaud
    • Chateau de Beynac 

Food and drink:

The Dordogne is one of France’s top foodie regions, and dining here is one of the most memorable (and tasty) parts of the cultural experience.

We are well-placed for some of France’s most well known delicacies, which are a constant delight for the senses as they change with the seasons:

  • Surprise, surprise… wine is top of the list! Some of the world’s most famous vineyards are here in the Dordogne. Look out for local caves where you can try the local wines. Many of the chateaux produce their own wines and are keen to welcome visitors for tastings and tours in some cases.
  • Duck, duck, goose! You’ll find that almost all local menus feature dishes that include canard and oie, staple ingredients in the region’s cuisine.
  • This is France – cheese of course is everywhere! A local goat cheese called cabécou is often served as a light starter on menus du jours. Visit one of the markets to browse and sample the many other varieties that are made and sold nearby.
  • Foie gras
  • Truffles – not the chocolate kind! The Perigord region is famous for its truffes noires – the highly prized seasonal speciality.
  • All things walnut – As you travel, also look out for the local, often homemade, eau de noix (walnut liqueur).

Useful links for more research

France’s official tourism website
Michelin travel guide A fabulous resource packed with useful information about our local area.